Local September 8, 2016 | 3:43 pm

Antinarcotics rejects it’s being run by drug cartels, organized crime

Santo Domingo.- Antinarcotics (DNCD) president EdmundoNestor Felix on Thursday rejected senator Wilton Guerrero’s assertion Wed. thatthe agency, the police and the Justice Ministry "are headed by drugcartels and organized crime."

"I totally disagree with the statements from the honorablesenator; for whom I have a lot of respect, but flatly reject."

He said the DNCD is an institution formed mostly by honest,honorable and working women and men who risk their lives every day to make thecountry safer.

‘We therefore don’t agree with the point made by SenatorGuerrero in the Senate," the official said of the Peravia provincelawmaker.

Felix said the doors of his office are open to welcome Guerreroand listen to any complaint he might have, "that we assure you we willprocess and investigate."

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