Local September 9, 2016 | 5:40 pm

Canadian, American tourists rescued near Puerto Plata(Update)

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.- First responders on Friday afternoon rescued eleven people,including two Dominicans, whose boat lost contact around 16 kilometers from LuperonBay in Punta Rucia, Puerto Plata province.

The boat had set sail from the marina at Puerto Plata, onan excursion with American and Canadian tourists and began having problems around11am, when the captain warned he would lose communication and that the boat wastaking in water.

File. First response agencies searchfor 11 people, nine American and Canadian tourists and two Dominicans, reportedmissing Friday, after contact with their boat was lost along the northern coast.

The missing persons, whose identities have yet to beprovided, had set sail from Puerto Plata early Friday morning on the boat"My Father" for a trip to the town Luperon, several miles west.

Officials said the search began noon Friday, after losingcontact with the captain of the boat.

Dominican Air Force and Navy vessels form part of the search for the that foreigners whoare reportedly vacationing in Puerto Plata.

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