Local September 17, 2016 | 9:19 am

Medina wants more eyes on corrupt officials

Santo Domingo.- President Danilo Medina on Friday announcedthe start of a Governance Registration and Monitoring System, coordinated by presidencychief of staff Gustavo Montalvo, to ensure public management for results,transparency and appropriate quality control standards

Montalvo, who spoke after a one hour-35 minute extendedcabinet meeting, said the oversight aims mostly to consolidate and continuouslymonitor key information on compliance and performance of the government agenciesand its officials, through management indicators on strategic planning and citizenservices.

"The president reminded us once again that we must notonly to be careful about what we do but how we do it," Montalvo said.

He said Medina demanded the highest standards of honestyand respect for the law in the service to the public from his officials, bothat the head of each institution, and all employees "so we invite the entiresociety to be watchers of the actions of public servants and report any incorrectaction."

He said that on transparency and ethics, "no doubtthat the indelicacies or failures that reach the Presidency will be addressed,referring any complaint to the Government Ethics and Integrity Commission orthe Justice Ministry, as appropriate.”

Montalvo also announced the creation of the Government InteriorSecurity Commission, to advise, implement, and evaluate public safety policies,and the "Digital Republic" program to promote the inclusion ofinformation and communication technology in production processes.

The official added that Medina issued an executive orderinstructing the military commanders and the heads of intelligence agencies tonominate candidates for senior or deputy positions, based solely on competencerequirements and time of service.

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