Local September 19, 2016 | 4:32 pm

Democrat congratulates Dominican for winning NY Senate nomination

New York. – Former New York State Senate candidate in therecently concluded Democratic Party primary, Micah Lasher, thanked hissupporters and congratulated Dominican Marisol Alcantara for her winning the nominationfor a District 31 Senate seat.

"Thank you for your support, your hard work, your generosityand your belief in the power of government to help people and the possibilityof something better than what we have in Albany now," said Lasher in a statementto local media.

Alcantara won with 8,309 votes (33.3%), against Lasher’s7,737 (31.1%) in the Democratic candidate in the past primaries.

He said he was proud of a campaign based on issues that couldbe addressed such as affordable housing, support for public schools of highereducation and other important topics which "touched his heart and areimportant to the residents of West and Upper Manhattan."

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