Local September 19, 2016 | 10:11 am

Designation of officials shouldn’t be ‘political payoffs’

Santo Domingo.- Herrera and Santo Domingo Province IndustrialAssociation (AEIH) president Antonio Taveras on Sunday asked president Danilo Medina to be meticulous when assigningpeople to sensitive government posts. "This should be above friendship andpolitical relations."

Taveras’ request comes in the heels of Medina’s announcementsin Friday’s cabinet meeting, on the need for a more efficient government and atthe service of citizens.

In a press release, the industrial leader warns against mistakenselections for technical functions thatin his view could lead to “higher costs for the state, delays in importantdecisions, blurred goals and traumatic ruptures due to ignorance of policies inplace.”

He said the recent appointments in the administration needto be seen with critique because "some are strange, inexplicable and outof tune with the institution’s goals where changes have occurred."

"We can understand that political alliances and trustoperate as important factors to designate an official, but these factors shouldnot be the only ones; the suitability for public office must be taken intoaccount and should not be gifts or donations to given as thanks."

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