Local September 19, 2016 | 8:01 am

Police links general’s son to another heist(Update2)

Santo Domingo.- The National Police on Monday linked the son of retiredgeneral Rafael Percival Peña, John Emilio Percival Matos, to an assault in Augustof a messenger in the La Sirena department store in the subdivision , Villa Mella,where four people were injured and RD$1.4 million were stolen.

More information as available…

Fiel. Retired general Rafael Percival Peña, the father of a suspect in the fatal heist of an armored truck heist, on Monday said at 9:31pm Sunday, "as many as 100 agents searched my house. What’s most strange is that it was at night,"

Percival, speaking on Hoy Mismo, Channel 9, said the polic "brokedown the gate and searched the whole house. When they entered, I asked them were was the prosecution official, then theyput two M16 rifles at my chest.”

"They are in their right to investigate, but they violatedthe law by not being accompanied by officials of the Justice Ministry.”

File. The National Police on Sunday identifiedtwo of the alleged perpetrators of the armored truck heist at Bella Vista Malllast Wednesday, which killed on guard and seriously injured another.

Arrest warrants were issued against former Army Lt. JohnEmilio Percival Matos and Brayan Peter Felix Paulino, and registered in theImmigration Agency and Interpol on Sept. 17.


On Sunday however police spokesman Nelson Rosario said theperpetrators have yet to be identified and investigate their whereabouts.

The robbery occurred around 7pm in the front esplanade of BellaVista Mall in the upscale sector of the same name, when a man with an assaultrifle shot the two guards, killing one and wounding the other.

The robbers fled with an alleged sum of over RD$3 million.

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