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Alorica opens 150 new professional opportunities in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Alorica, a worldwide leader in customerservice solutions, will hire 150 new employees before the end of the year inthe Dominican Republic. Unlike some competitors that focus on hiring peoplewith years of experience in the industry, Alorica takes a different approach.Alorica hires people who are empathetic, have a positive attitude and enjoyhelping others. Among other qualifications, we require high level of Englishproficiency.

In the Dominican Republic, Alorica currently holds almost2,000 jobs and continues its efforts to contribute to the domestic market,helping the country’s economy and creating career opportunities.

Alorica believes its success lies in its people and theinsanely great service they provide, while the company culture gives it itscompetitive edge. "We are looking for good people to continue the legacyof our brand – making lives better, one interaction at a time," said JasonPorras, Site Director for the Tiradentes location of Alorica. The company,which has 70 percent of its managers and executives promoted internally,highlights development and growth opportunities.

Alorica’s employees enjoy working in a company that offersgreat benefits and incentives. The company believes in their employees andgives them the tools to develop and grow within the organization, which createsa rewarding and productive atmosphere where they can grow to their full potential.

"I have the opportunity to work with amazing people inthe best environment. I’ve been in the call center industry for 11 years,”explains Serge Sanchez. "I was in charge of a group of 15 agents withchallenges in performance, after three months closely working with the team,they were able to exceed performance. I put my heart, faith, hard work anddedication into the development of my agents and to get my team to the level ofperformance required," added Serge Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez started working inAlorica nearly two years ago as an agent and today is an Operations Manager.

The company has excellent relations with the community,serving and supporting local residents’ basic needs and promoting education, aswell as providing career development opportunities. That is why Alorica in theDominican Republic often engages in community service, such as food drives andfundraising for children’s hospitals, among others. "We continue to dothese activities as a way to give back to the Dominican community,” said JasonPorras.

About Alorica

At Alorica, we only do one thing – we make lives better.How? By creating insanely great experiences for customers — online, on thephone and through social media. Fromacquisition and sales to customer care and support, Alorica provides a host ofworld class services, including customer relationship management and backoffice support. We’re proud to passionately serve clients as diverse as we are— including communications, financial services, healthcare, retail and techcompanies, many in the Fortune 500. We call the OC home, headquartered in Irvine,CA, with more than 91,000 employees in 154 locations across 16 countries aroundthe globe.

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