Local September 21, 2016 | 4:45 pm

Another US city renames avenue to honor Dominicans

Paterson, NJ.- Paterson, New Jersey City officials renameda stretch of Park Avenue to Dominican Republic Way on Tuesday night in tributeto the city’s largest Latino community, patersontimes.com reports Wednesday.

It said Park Av., between Straight and Summer Streets willnow also be known as Dominican Republic Way, according to the resolution.

“More than 45,000 residents of Dominican descent call theSilk City home. Council members said the renaming is appropriate to recognize acommunity that has called the city home since 1947,” the outlet reports.

It adds that the stretch of Park Av. being additional namedis dotted with Dominican owned businesses — restaurants, bakeries, and salons —on both sides.

“A lot of Dominicans, since the 1940s, have beencontributing to the city,” 5th Ward councilman Luis Velez was quoted as saying.

In 2110 New York City renamed a stretch of St. Nicholas Av.in Upper Manhattan to Juan Pablo Duarte Blvd., in honor of Dominican Republic’sfounding father.

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