Local September 22, 2016 | 9:33 am

Armed and dangerous, but police don’t want to kill armored truck assailant

Santo Domingo.- National Police spokesman Nelson Rosario onThursday said his warning that the mainsuspect in the fatal armor truck heist is heavily armed does not seek in anyway to prepare an exchange of gunfire with John Percival, in which he couldlose his life.

Speaking by phone to Z101FM radio, the official said thewarning that he’s heavily armed and the call to surrender seek to prevent anyincident given Percival’s possession of an M-16 assault rifle “and thereforequite dangerous.”

"We’re making the call, we are reiterating that he useany means that guarantee his rights and surrender to police because severalteams search for him, and we’ve announced and reiterated that we know that he isarmed and has a long weapon in his possession, in order to avoid confrontation,it’s advisable to use some organization to surrender," he said.

On Wednesday it emerged that Percival might be handed overto police by the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH). He’s wanted inconnection with the assault of an armored truck at a mall in the Bella Vista sectorwhere a security guard was gunned down.

Being held for the assault in the upscale sector of thecapital are Francisco Alberto de Jesus and Rafael Antonio Peralta Lora, whowere arraigned Wednesday. Preliminary reports say more than RD$3.0 million were stolen in the assault which also leftanother guard seriously hurt.

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