Local September 22, 2016 | 12:45 pm

In a Trump exposé, Newsweek calls Dominican Republic a world tax haven

Santo Domingo.- The intense campaign for the US presidencypitting real a controversial estate magnate against former White House firstlady Hillary Clinton has spilled over to most continents and numerous countries,including the Dominican Republic, where Newsweek reports on Donald Trump’s vastfinancial holdings and potential conflict of interest if he wins the electionin November.

In “The Mumbai Shuffle” section the report: HOWTHE TRUMP ORGANIZATION’S FOREIGN BUSINESS TIES COULD UPEND U.S. NATIONALSECURITY, Newswek lists an extensive calendar of past events and places wherethe Trump Organization has partners, investments and business, some of which itdescribes as ‘highly secretive.”

“The Trump Organization is not like the Bill, Hillary &Chelsea Clinton Foundation, the charitable enterprise that has been the subjectof intense scrutiny about possible conflicts for the Democratic presidentialnominee. There are allegations that Hillary Clinton bestowed benefits oncontributors to the foundation in some sort of “pay to play” scandal when shewas secretary of state, but that makes no sense because there was no “pay.”Money contributed to the foundation was publicly disclosed and went to charitableefforts, such as fighting neglected tropical diseases that infect as many as abillion people.

It reports that while the Trump family rakes in untoldmillions of dollars from the Trump Organization every year. Much of that comesfrom deals with international financiers and developers, many of whom have beentied to controversial and even illegal activities. None of Trump’s overseascontractual business relationships examined by Newsweek were revealed in hiscampaign’s financial filings with the Federal Election Commission, nor was theamount paid to him by his foreign partners.

The US based magazine says the Trump campaign did notrespond to a request for the names of all foreign entities in partnership orcontractually tied to the Trump Organization). “Trump’s financial filings alsoindicate he is a shareholder or beneficiary of several overseas entities,including Excel Venture LLC in the French West Indies and CaribusinessInvestments SRL, based in the Dominican Republic, one of the world’s taxhavens.”

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