Local September 23, 2016 | 8:38 am

Amid protests of ruling affects Dominican-Haitians, claims debunked

Santo Domingo.- To mark the third anniversary of ConstitutionalCourt ruling 168-13 that defined the criteria on the Dominican nationality, variousgroups have announced protests against the measure that drew questions and rebukefrom local and international organizations.

Amnesty International, along with human rights activists willhold a peaceful demonstration at the Constitutional Court at 11am Thursday, toprotest the ruling they affirm left stateless thousands of Dominicans ofHaitian descent.

As part of the protests a document was delivered to theNational Palace Wednesday, demanding "urgent measures" by the governmentto deal with what they affirm is a crisis unleashed by the ruling.


Earlier this week organizations including the UnitedNations System in the Dominican Republic hailed the manner in which the regularizationof immigrants is being carried out.

Law 169-14 stipulates the pathway for people born in thenational territory but irregularly inscribed in the Civil Registry to becomenaturalized.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has alsoacknowledge that the Dominican State through Law 169-14, corrected the pathway forundocumented immigrants to become naturalized.

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