Local September 26, 2016 | 12:04 pm

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Contractor’s suicide, symbol of corruption in Medina’s administration

Santo Domingo.- As the albatross dangling from its neck, thenote found with the body of architect David Rodriguez, when he took his ownlife one year ago today, looms heavy over president Danilo Medina’s assertionsof a fight against government corruption.

Rodriguez, a contractor of the government had named OISOEofficials Joel Soriano and Alexander de los Santos as part of a ring of loansharks that manipulated contract payments to extort money. They’ve yet to beconvicted.

But the ring could’ve reached the senior officials at OISOE,especially in light of the US$331 million Peravia bank fraud scandal, and theUnion de Seguros graft case, both linked to former OISOE director MiguelPimentel Kareh.

“The Prosecutor, the Attorney should ac…Dammit!," saidcurrent OISOE) director Francisco Pagan one year ago.

With three suspect in custody and an investigation that hasbecome stagnant, Rodriguez’s suicide in a bathroom of the agency marks itsfirst anniversary, with the exposed network of corruption entrenched in theOISOE. “I let myself be led by promises by Joel Soriano and Alexander de losSantos, incurring debts that are impossible for me to pay.”

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