Local September 26, 2016 | 10:54 am

Environment protects leatherback turtle hatchlings; seizes trucks

Santo Domingo.- The Environment Ministry on Sunday announcedthe protection of leatherback turtles during the hatching period at LaAltagracia province, and the confiscation of trucks that were haulingaggregates illegally gathered along riverbeds.

Environment crews were deployed at Lavacama beach, Lagunade Nisibón and the Ria Maimon protected area, monitored since mid-March, when thefirst leatherback (Dermocherly coriaceae) females began arriving to lay eggs.

The Environment La Altagracia province office said 1,364 hatchlingsof the species I danger of extinction were released, exceeding previous years. “Themethod was performed for the first time in Lavacama beach. In this season 19nests of eggs were protected, which were brought to the protection center atthe ??Ria Maimon protected area. Only six were raided.”

Seized trucks

Environment also announced the confiscation of two trucks seizedin two raids in Yaguate, San Cristobal (south) carrying illegally gravel andwood logs.

It said Julio Cesar Almonte was arrested when driving atruck hauling gravel, whereas Marino Guzman was detained for carrying treetrunks without a permit.

Since former Justice minister Francisco Dominguez took overthe Environment Ministry in August surveillance in rivers and devastated areas hasbeen heightened, to halt the extraction of aggregates and illegal lumbering.

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