Local September 27, 2016 | 9:53 am

Gridlock in talks over high courts, electoral and political parties laws

Santo Domingo.- Presidency Administrative minister JoséRamón Peralta on Monday said he’s surprised with the attitude of businesssectors, civil society and opposition parties which ask to violate theConstitution by requesting that president Danilo Medina’s intervene in thetalks to choose the high courts’ judges.

He said the Executive’s intervention weakens theinstitutions in a country that in his view clearly establishes the separationand independence of the branches of government.

"I don’t understand, it caused me much surprise,especially when there are civil society sectors, opposition political partiesand the business community, the CONEP (National Business Council) calling for institutionalismand then these same actors, which sometimes you don’t know how they play, wantthe country’s democratic institutions being affected and in the worst way,violating the Constitution who gives the legal framework for the institutions,"the official said.

Parties must resume dialogue

Former vice president Rafael Alburquerque also urgedopposition parties to return to the dialogue table leading to approval of theLaw on Political Parties and to amend the Electoral Law.

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