Local September 27, 2016 | 4:19 pm

Police don’t rule out contract killing of Spaniard in olive oil business

Santo Domingo.- National Police spokesman Nelson Rosario onTuesday said more than 15 people have been questioned in connection with themurder of Spaniard Jose Ignacio Bilbao Mezo, who was intercepted by two gunmen ona motorcycle who shot him several times.

"We have questioned many people. For the weekend wehad over 15 questioned, so it should be more by today," the official said.

Rosario said the police follow several leads in the caseand are working on them to determine what occurred. "We have manyhypotheses."

When asked if there’s information that a competitor in theolive oil business ordered the Spaniard’s murder over tainted olive oil asreported by Spain newspaper ABC, Rosario said they cannot confirm the report,but didn’t rule it out.

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