Local September 30, 2016 | 9:44 am

Armed robberies spur heightened vigilance over deportees

Santo Domingo.- Justice minister Jean Alain Rodriguez on Thursdayannounced a project to improve the system which detects and identifies fugitivesdeportees.

The announcement comes in the heels of several armedrobberies and other felonies in which deportees were allegedly involved.

Rodriguez said it will be a more precise link with other governmentagencies and the judiciary, to provide follow up on people wanted by justice. "Wehave to do a crossing of data with the judiciary, but the data which theDominican government relies on is still basic."

In a visit to Listin Diario editor in chief Miguel Franjul,the official stressed the effort to provide the judicial system with “a muchmore effective database.”

He noted that while the Central Electoral Board (JCE) andother agencies already have systems to register deported Dominicans, “this issomething much more advanced and effective to identify and locate deportees.

"With them, we not only want to know who they are,because there is already a record, we want to know where they live, where theywill be, what they will do, to provide follow up.

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