Local October 4, 2016 | 8:11 am

Showdown looms: big business, the ‘country’s owners’

Santo Domingo.- The major passenger and freight transportunions on Monday warned they won’t yieldto the National Business Council’s (CONEP) effort to displace the sector.

The trasport unions, known as the "country’sowners" for their often violent protests that instill fear on thegovernment, said they won’t raise passenger fares or cargo rates but will fight for their rights, as doctors, nurses andteachers have done.

In a statement quoted by eldia.com.do, the transportunions said if the alleged plan of the CONEP and government sectors continue,they will have to "resort to the method, which paralyzes classes andhospitals, so their just demands are heard."

The presidents Fenatrado, Mochotran, Aptpra,International, Fenatrapego, Adotratur and Fenatrano, among others, asked presidentDanilo Medina to create a dialogue table with their sector, to discuss basicissues, such as operating costs, subsidies, tax exemptions and rates, among others.

"Carriers are not going to take to the streets tofight with soldies or policemen or will we be provoked."

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