Local October 7, 2016 | 9:43 am

Conclave aims to fix a judiciary in crisis

Santo Domingo.- Supreme Court chief justiceMariano German will divulge the results and commitments to strengthen DominicanRepublic’s Judiciary, in the National Judicial Summit today Friday, amidscandals that have rocked the court system.

In the meeting set to start at 8:30am at HotelJaragua coordinator Samuel Arias will present the various scenarios to improvejustice evaluated previously by the various actors in the system, civil societyand the State.

The event includes two internationalconferences, one by Costa Rica Supreme Court chief justice Zarela Villanueva,on "Access to Justice: Open Justice,"

whereas Panama Supreme Court justice CecilioCedalise Riquelme will speak on the "Independence of the Judiciary."

The event is slated to conclude with the"Institutional Commitment," which corresponds to the summit’s thirdstage and will contain the details of the agreements by consensus .

The judicial summit is being held amid scathingcritique and protests against judges, especially in the heels of the"rulings for sale" scandal that has rocked the judiciary.

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