Local October 13, 2016 | 4:31 pm

Former official ’embezzled’ US$21.7M to face trial

Santo Domingo.- A National District judge on Thursdayordered a criminal trial against former national water utility (INAPA) directorAlberto Holguin, and against the owner a company which had eight contracts withthat agency, charged with embezzling morethan RD$1.0 billion (US$21.7 million).

National District 7th Instruction Court judge Kenya Romero also issued a travel banand periodic a[[appearances against Hoguin and Sobeida Perdomo, who owns thecompany ICA, and who allegedly signed eight contracts with INAPA in one day.

The judge ruled for the Office of the AnticorruptionProsecutor which indicted Holguin on breach of trust, forgery, embezzlement andcriminal conspiracy against the Dominican State."

Romero also ruled for the prosecution, whichcharged Perdomo with conspiracy and fraud against the State.

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