Local October 14, 2016 | 11:54 am

As promised, transport unions protest scrapping of tax-free fuel

Santo Domingo.- Dozens of owners of buses andtrucks wage a protest outside the Industry and Commerce Ministry and picketalong the busy thoroughfare 27de Febrero, where antiriot police keep them outof the premises.

After several minutes of heated arguingbetween protesters and police a group headed by Conatra buses union boss AntonioMarte), and Alfredo Pulinario (Mochatran) and of the truckers (Fenatrado) AntonioBrito among others were permitted entry, are inside the Ministry.

The transport union bosses, whom the mediahas dubbed the country’s "owners," had threatened to stage strikes ifthe subsidy was eliminated.

Before his entry, Marte said they still don’tknow what measures they’ll take regarding the government´s elimination of the subsidyfor fuels.

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