Local October 19, 2016 | 10:29 am

Big business, ‘country’s owners’ showdown postponed for Nov.

Santo Domingo.- Some 90 Dominican organizations,companies and institutions on Tuesday defended the appeal filed in the SupremeAdministrative Court (TSA) with which seeks to put an end to the truckers’ u nions virtual monopoly on freight transport atports.

The entities joined to seek the overhaul offreight transport currently controlled by the unions known as the "country’sowners" for their often violent strikes that instill fear on the government.

The plaintiffs’ lawyers headed by EduardoJorge Prats claim that the truckers’ unions violate the right to free enterprise,employment, competition and transit.

Among the associations that filed the classaction suit figure the National Business Council (CONEP), the National Smalland Medium Business Alliance, the North Region Industries, ADOZONA Free Zones,the Herrera Industrial Association and the Ranchers and Farmers Association.

Jorge said his clients have come together todemand compliance of anti-monopoly laws and an overhaul which ensures anefficient and safe freight transport system that Dominicans deserve.

For the fourth time however the court decidedto set another hearing for 9am November 15, to give the truckers’ unions andcodefendants time to prepare their defense.

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