Local October 19, 2016 | 3:52 pm

Environment chief orders crackdown on charcoal trafficking

Santo Domingo.- Environment minister FranciscoDominguez on Wed. ordered the confiscation of all forms of charcoal unless it’sproduced in a plantation licensed for that purpose.

In a memo to provincial directors and NationalEnvironmental Protection Service (SENPA) officials, Dominquez says the peopleinvolved should be charged according to the law. "Illegal charcoal shouldbe prosecuted as cocaine, as well as drug traffickers damaging our society andour way of life, forest predators also threaten our existence."

"Only companies that are authorized toproduce and sell charcoal and have complied with requirements can market theproduct," he memo says

Dominguez said charcoal must be in packaging withthe company name, location and the environmental authorization under which itoperates. "Each shipment must also have the route letter issued by theappropriate Provincial Directorate."

The memo also limits the transport of forestproducts to only from Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm and Saturday from8am to 12noon.

Police help

The official requested the National Policeand Defense Ministry’s collaboration to make the provision more effective. "It’simportant to establish that the export of charcoal is prohibited, except forcompanies that have been previously authorized and if the product comes fromplantations designed for this purpose."

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