Local October 19, 2016 | 8:36 am

US envoy’s corruption-foreign investment warning spurs debate

Santo Domingo.- Lawmakers of the ruling andopposition parties differ on US ambassador James W. Brewster’s warning thatcorruption could alienate foreign investment.

Lawmakers from both sides agree that thecountry and the United States both face a drug trafficking problem, and mustwork together to eliminate it.

Ruling party (PLD) deputy Radhames Camachosaid foreign investment had increased during PLD administrations like never before.

"All countries of the world know thatcorruption is an ongoing challenge. We must be vigilant and not tolerate thelack of transparency," said PLD deputy Gustavo Sanchez, quoted byeldia.com.do.

Nonetheless opposition PRSC party deputies VictorBisonó and Maximo Castro Silverio agreed that Brewster is "absolutelyright" when voicing that concern.

Brewster’s warning came during an interviewwith Alicia Ortega, on SIN network.

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