Local October 20, 2016 | 10:35 am

Trump’s Hillary ‘guzzling’ Dominican beer ploy could backfire

Santo Domingo.- An undated photo of US presidencyDemocratic candidate Hillary Clinton "guzzling beer" together withseveral unidentified Dominicans, "imbibing" the Caribbean nation’stop selling brand, coincidentally Presidente, is being used by Republicanbloggers to attack her campaign.

But the ploy of the party that backs teetotalerDonald Trump might backfire, especially among the large Dominican-Amricancommunity in the eastern US.

The picture however neither identifies thephotographer nor place, nor whether Clinton, "elbows up," downed thewhole bottle or just took a few social sips.

A blog with the photo in althouse.com says "Seemsconsistent With an electorate Trending Toward Trump."

Other Republican-leaning websites have put upthe photo, but the Clinton campaign has yet to respond.

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