Local October 20, 2016 | 5:16 pm

US envoy, Dominican President clash over drugs, corruption

Santo Domingo.- In an surprising fit ofsarcasm and bravado, president Danilo Medina on Thursday chided US ambassador JamesW. Brewster’s critique that Dominican republic has become "a large bridgefor drugs to the United States and Europe," and the envoy’s constantclaims of government corruption

"If we go there, if we have become alarge bridge for drugs, the United States is an avenue of 10 lanes for thatdrug," Medina said prior to a National Palace ceremony to receive six newambassadors.

Medina demanded that if Washington can show concretecases of corruption in the country which could alienate US investments and thosethat would be in process of becoming." What cases of corruption? Showthose cases. It’s very dangerous to speak in generalized sense, of corruptionand scandals that have emerged in the government."

"I would like, and I have asked them ifthey have specific cases to point them out, because there’s talk that theDominican Republic is a drug bridge, but if it comes to that, the United Statesis an avenue to 10 target lanes of the same drug," the president said.

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