Local October 21, 2016 | 12:54 pm

Gay US envoy’s husband stokes row in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Bob Satawake, husband of gay USambassador James Brewster, on Friday asked: if "we’re such a horriblecountry, why did 80,000 Dominicans immigrants went there in 2015?"

Satawake’s tweet came in response to aanother by former Central American Parliament (PARLACEN) president ManoloPichardo, who previously called the US "the world’s biggest drugs consumerand its banks are laundries."

"If you are a horrible country why80,000 Dominican immigrants traveled to the United States in 2015" was Satawakeresponse to Pichardo, who’s also a senior member of the ruling party PLD.

Pichardo retorts: "There are historicalreasons that explain the US wealth and Latin American poverty that pushesmigration. We can debate?"

The row adds fuel to another flap between Brewsterand president Danilo Medina, who on Friday challenged the US envoy to revealthe cases of corruption and described the United States as a "10-lane avenue"for the drugs trafficked through the Dominican Republic.


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