Local October 22, 2016 | 8:20 am

Top Dominican prosecutor probes attacks on environmentalists

Santo Domingo.- Complaints through media fromvarious sectors on threats and attacks against people linked to environmentalprotection have prompted Justice minister Jean Rodriguez to announce an investigation.

"It is our duty to ensure respect forhuman rights and physical integrity of each and every citizen and takeinvestigation in each case of a responsible denunciation submitted by anysector of the population or individual in our society," Rodriguez said ina press release.

He said each environmentalist who denouncedthreats and aggression will be contacted to conduct a thorough investigationand if proven, the "necessary measures and actions to punish thoseinvolved will be taken."

Rodriguez’s announcement comes in the heelsof the government’s effort to dislodge squatters, ranchers and farmers who illegallyoccupy lands within Omar Rancier National Park, Valle Nuevo, where humanactivities have drastically reduced the flows of rivers.

The official formed an investigation committeeheaded by La Vega Appellate Court prosecutor Ramón Vásquez and Constanza prosecutorFernando Quezada, among other officials.

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