Local October 25, 2016 | 1:19 pm

Brazil bribes: US envoy says Dominican Republic cooperates

Santo Domingo.- US ambassador James W.Brewster on Tuesday said the Super Tucano graft case is part of an ongoinginvestigation on which he cannot comment and continues to work closely with theJustice Ministry.

He said they’ve received much support fromthe Dominican government and that it’s "one of the ways we continue tocooperate."

"What’s important is how Dominican Republiccan help the United States and how the United States can help Dominican Republicon these issues," Brewster said prior to an activity with Justice ministerJean Alain Rodriguez, to discuss drug trafficking, corruption and other issues.

He said drug trafficking is one of the areasin which the two countries continue to work and especially in the United States,to try to reduce consumption. "It’s important that we continue cooperatingin both countries for measures to ensure that these situations do not continuehappening and to attack the people who hurt both societies."

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