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Fathom fests positive impact in Dominican north coast

Miami, Oct. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Fathom,the pioneer in social impact travel and Carnival Corporation’s (NYSE/LSE: CCL;NYSE: CUK) 10th and newest brand, today highlighted the collective impact madeduring its first 13 sailings to the Dominican Republic. Travelers havededicated thousands of impact days to help areas of economic, educational andenvironmental opportunity to flourish in Dominican communities. From plantingmore than 16,000 seedlings to producing 730 clay water-filters, travelers havebecome part of something bigger and unleashed their own potential in fun,creative, engaging and surprising ways.

"From the beginning, Fathom, ourtravelers and our incredible community partners have been weaving a beautifulimpact mosaic that is inspiring hope and ongoing potential," said TaraRussell, president of Fathom and global impact lead for Carnival Corporation& plc. "We have done this by learning, immersing and coming alongsidethe vision of our partner communities in a way that supports holisticflourishing. We participated closely with local community leaders and ourpartner organizations to understand their hopes and dreams for the region, andthen identified specific, measurable success metrics we could track to beginunderstanding definitively certain elements of the impact story being woventogether. It is humbling to see the collective impact story we are beginning toaffect in just a few months."

During sailings to the beautiful Puerto Plataregion on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, mindful travelersplayfully engaged and participated alongside partners to learn, understand andaddress the various opportunities for local families. To date, Fathom travelersand local Dominicans have collectively:

Student English Conversation & Learning /Community English Conversation & Learning:

Impact: Fathom travelers providedapproximately 17,500 hours of English interaction to individual adult and youthstudents, better preparing youth and adults for future employability andincreased economic opportunity.

Why It Matters: The largest driver ofemployment success in the tourist-driven Dominican Republic economy is Englishproficiency.

Water Filter Production:

Impact: Fathom travelers produced andinstalled 730 water filters in community homes, positively impacting the healthand wellbeing of thousands of local Dominicans.

Why It Matters: The estimated 3,650 Dominicanrecipients of these filters will experience a reduction in instances ofwaterborne illnesses, as well as cost savings from not having to purchaseexpensive bottled water. Indirect benefits could include better work and schoolattendance.

Reforestation & Nursery:

Impact: Fathom travelers planted more than16,000 seedlings and plants, offsetting the environmental impact of travelerscoming to the region.

Why It Matters: Over time, Fathom’sreforestation and nursery efforts will contribute to more nutrient-rich soil,helping to reduce soil loss, improve air and water quality, increase localizedbiodiversity and potentially producing higher agricultural yields for citizens.

Concrete Floors in Community Homes:

Impact: Installed concrete floors in 40homes, improving the living environments for hundreds of local Dominicans.

Why It Matters: Concrete floors provide asafer and cleaner living environment for residents while reducing the healthrisks associated with dirt floors.

Cacao and Women’s Chocolate Cooperative:

Impact: Fathom travelers cleaned 3,700 poundsof cacao nibs, which translates to more than 109,000 finished chocolate bars;they also have wrapped, packaged and prepared for sale more than 57,400products.

Why It Matters: In a region with limitedemployment income, Fathom and its travelers are helping this small woman-ownedbusiness grow and thrive, which is contributing to the overall well-being ofits employees and their families as well as other cooperatives.

Recycled Paper and Crafts Entrepreneurship:

Impact: Fathom travelers produced more than9,800 sheets of paper.

Why It Matters: By helping entrepreneursexpand both their production and sales, Fathom travelers are creating criticalincome opportunities and financial independence for women workers.

"We have seen tangible benefits thanksto our passionate travelers," said David Luther, executive director ofInstituto Dominicano de Desarrollo Integral (IDDI). "Revenues haveincreased, wages have gone up accordingly and we’ve given hard-working andenterprising Dominican women a workshop to stay close to their families. Thequality of work life has been greatly enhanced for the women who work there –and that’s after just 13 sailings. When we look at the potential long-termimpact, it’s amazing to think what might be possible."

Fathom’s Focus on Shared Value and Long-TermTransformation

What sets Fathom apart is its shared-valuepartnership approach to creating significant, lasting and sustainable socialimpact within communities, while at the same time within the lives of itstravelers. Additionally, Fathom’s human impact journeys embrace fun andplayfully engaging opportunities to develop human connections with like-mindedtravelers onboard and become a part of a global community that acts togetherfor common good.

"My highlight of the trip was CommunityEnglish. This impact activity not only gave us direct access to Dominicanfamilies and their homes, but we played an essential role in teaching themEnglish," said Laura Lawson Visconti, a nonstop explorer from Truckee,Calif. "While this experience impacted me deeply, and I had to allow sometime to process on my own later that evening in my cabin onboard Adonia, I wasstruck by the joy I felt from each Dominican I met. After a few moments together,we were family."

"The trip is not just about giving back,it’s also about cultural immersion, discovering the beauty of the Dominicanpeople/land, personal growth and yes, having fun," stated Justin Walter, awriter from Los Angeles, Calif.

"The Fathom experience attracts peoplewho want to learn, give and be transformed through travel," said EllenChristiansen, a travel advisor from Alexandria, Va. "A Fathom cruisebridges together people of all ages. While on my journey, I met everyone fromyoung solo travelers to retired friends and couples, to families with youngchildren; all stages of life, but all there with a sincere desire to give backin a unique new way."

Creating a Lasting Impact

The average household income in the Dominicanis about $6,000 a year and more than three million people do not have access topiped water. However, the country has a strong infrastructure for impactincluding proven community development organizations with deep roots in thecountry.

Fathom worked closely with two of theseorganizations, along with various other stakeholder groups throughout thecountry – Entrena and the Instituto Dominicano de Desarrollo Integral, Inc.(IDDI) – to identify the areas of most need and undertake a range of projectsfocused on education, environment and economic development to providemeaningful, long-term and sustainable impact. Depending on travelers’interests, passions and desires, they venture off into intimate communities forup to three days to participate in social impact activities they care about,unleashing their potential and instantly developing friendships andpartnerships.

While the impact results to date are real andtangible, Fathom is eager to continue building on the foundation laid by thecompany and its travelers to make meaningful, long-term and sustained impact.Fathom will continue taking up to 700 travelers to the Dominican Republic toadventure and come alongside local citizens for three days a week every otherweek, while continuing to closely monitor and measure its ongoing impact. Thecompany has the potential to offer thousands of traveler impact days per monthto its partner communities, so the results over time have the potential to besubstantial.

Prices for the seven-day trips to theDominican Republic start at $299 per person, excluding taxes, fees, and portexpenses and including all meals on the ship, onboard social impact immersionexperiences, three on-shore social impact activities and related supplies.Prices vary by season. To secure a spot on future sailings, a fully refundable$300 per person deposit is required for all cabin categories and occupancylevels. Final payment is due 90 days prior to departure. To reserve a spot onfuture sailings, guests may call 1-855-932-8466 or through a travel professional.Learn more at www.Fathom.org.

About Fathom Travel

Fathom is the newest brand in the CarnivalCorporation & plc (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE: CUK) family, which carries nearly11 million travelers a year to communities around the world. Fathom invitestravelers to embrace the possibilities ahead and to journey into the heart of adestination. Fathom serves travelershungry to experience the world richly and with purpose. What sets Fathom apart is the rich andplayful onboard and onshore journey, its alongsided partnership approach withits partner countries paired with a unique business model that allow travelersto travel deep, build community with like-minded travelers and become immersedin another culture.

Fathom offers uniquely different round-tripvoyages from Miami to two of the Caribbean’s most desired destinations: theDominican Republic and Cuba. In the Dominican Republic, travelers have theopportunity to work side by side with local residents in existing programs thatmatter to the communities, like planting trees, making chocolate, and creatinglife-saving water filters. In Cuba, travelers visit the port cities of Havana,Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba and enjoy on-the-ground activities that providethe opportunity to interact directly with Cuban people and gain insight intotheir everyday lives, rich culture and history.

The Fathom experience is brought to lifeaboard the 704-passenger MV Adonia. The smallest ship in the P&O fleet, theAdonia is the ideal home base to engage, mobilize, educate and equip travelerson every Dominican Republic trip allowing for personal enrichment whileparticipating in activities that unite strangers to become part of somethingbigger together. For Cuban voyages, passengers enjoy premium accommodationsincluding all the amenities of a modern hotel, plus the convenience of havingto unpack only once while seeing the breadth of the island. Every night, Fathomtravelers return to the comforts of the Adonia, where they can relax knowingthat all the details of travel are handled.

For more information about Fathom or to booka voyage, contact your Travel Professional, call Fathom toll-free at1-855-932-8466 or visit www.Fathom.org.


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