Local October 26, 2016 | 11:02 am

Hoteliers join fight against Dominican Republic’s ‘owners’

Santo Domingo.- The Hotels and Tourism Association(ASONAHORES) on Tuesday stated its support for the anti-antitust lawsuit filed againstDominican Republic’s "owners," who control the country’s freight andpassenger transport.

ASONAHORES is the latest major sector tosupport the National Business Council’s (CONEP) court action against the transportmonopoly, following the Dominican Industries Association (AIRD) and theAmerican Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAMDR).

It stressed that the monopoly underminescompetitiveness by maintaining an unlawful system against free enterprise and isn’tresponsible with society.

"The request of an injunction filed bythe CONEP before the Superior Arbitration Court is for violating fundamentalrights to freedom of transit, recruitment, free enterprise and competition, againstthe monopoly in transport.


The late newspaper editor Radhames GomezPepin called the union bosses of the CONATRA, FENATRANO and FENATRADO transport associations, thecountry’s "owners," for their often violent strikes that instill fearin government officials.

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