Local October 26, 2016 | 12:28 pm

Official ban reveals chaos of unlawful gas stations

Santo Domingo.- The of Industry and Commerce Ministryon Wednesday banned the gas stations that don’t have a license, a tacitadmission that the situation is widespread.

Ministry Hydrocarbons director Ramon Cruzwarned that the licenses of wholesalers that supply fuels to unlicensed stationswould be suspended for up to 60 days.

Resolution 239 says the agency will proceed"to the immediate dismantling of tanks or devices for liquid fuel tanksinstalled without having an operating license for a fuel station, if it’s foundselling fuel in retail or supplying to the final consumer from irregulardeposits."

The official said the irregular sales were beinginvestigated during two months, but didn’t provide figures on how many stationsare involved in the illegal sales. "The stations caught selling illegally forthe first time will be given a 60 day period to regularize the situation. The licenseof repeat offenders will be canceled permanently."

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