Local October 27, 2016 | 8:55 am

Dominican crews wrap up Haiti road repairs after hurricane

Port-au-Prince.- Public Works minister Gonzalo Castilloannounced Wednesday that the Dominican government concluded the repairs and clearingof roads of debris left by Hurricane Matthew in the city Les Cayes, as instructedby Dominican president Danilo Medina,.

The official met with Haiti counterpart JeanEvelt Eveillart and with Haiti government chief of staff Jean Max Bellerive, toannounce the return of the last convoy of heavy equipment sent to the southwestcoastal city as part of the aid to rebuild the Les Cayes-Tiburon road .

"All the basic work program that we hadproposed has been concluded, and we are already to return as of today,"said Castillo, accompanied by the delegation which coordinated the aid with Haitiauthorities.

He said Medina’s instructions were compliedin full and in record time, and asked the international community "tocontinue to assist the Haitian people in this time of difficulty."

The Dominican and Haitian officials met at theDominican embassy in Port au Prince, where Castillo thanked Haiti’s Government forits good treatment to the Dominican delegation, "so that we could do thework we had set out to do in record time."

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