Local October 27, 2016 | 9:51 am

“Eye for an eye’ in fatal armored truck heist

Santo Domingo.- Retired Gen. Rafael PercivalPeña on Wednesday threatened a "physical response" if authorities"execute" his son John Emilio Percival Matos before confirming hislink to the RD$3.5 million armored truck heist in the upscale sector ??BellaVista, where one guard was killed and another injured.

Asked what he would do if his son is killed withoutproof of his involvement, Percival said he would "leave it to God. Becausehere we know who’s going to execute him and we’re going to have a physicalresponse. "

"Do not underestimate my intelligence.I’m answering you. For one eye, ‘two eyes; for a tooth, the entire mouth,"the retired general said.

Interviewed by Salvador Holguin on channel45, Percival doubted that his son is the ringleader behind the assault, as authoritiesclaim. Nonetheless he didn’t rule out his son’s participation.

"An operation of this nature, knowing myson, is he going to manage it or are there other figures behind this, behindthe scenes?, because it’s no secret that the earth has swallowed him."

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