Local October 31, 2016 | 9:01 am

Medina promises to reforest areas around 19 towns

Padre las Casas, Dominican Republic.- presidentDanilo Medina on Sunday met with residents of 19 communities in the upperbasins of the Sabana Yegua dam, and promised to present a plan to protect environmentwithin 15 days.

In the meeting at the village of Las Cañitas,Medina listened to the inhabitants of one the country’s major watersheds, whichsupplies the dam at Sabana Yegua, where deforestation is alarming.

The plan, to be developed by the Agriculture Ministryand the Sur Futuro Foundation jointly, would follow the guidelines of a similareffort in Hondo Valle and Sabaneta, by reforesting wth trees for lumber,avocados and coffee plants.

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