Local October 31, 2016 | 4:27 pm

Security weights heavy on business climate: Amrican Chamber

Santo Domingo.- "Securityis among the factors that most influence the business and investment climate ofa country. When speaking of business, this factor is usually confined to thelegal scope, but it is not the only thing to consider," the AmericanChamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic AMCHAMDR

Ppublic safety isalso an element that investors and entrepreneurs put in the balance whenassessing opportunities, the business group affirmed Monday. "In thisregard, and before the start of the peak tourist season and the arrival ofChristmas, the AMCHAMDR stresses the importance of public safety as a factorinfluencing the business climate and investment."

"We appreciatethe efforts of the authorities in the fight against crime and emphasizes theneed for the police to proceed in accordance with the laws in their preventivework," the AMCHAMDR said in an emailed statement.

"We appreciatethe efforts of the authorities to reduce levels of crime and criminality in thecountry and believes the new Statutory Law of Police should serve to enhancethe capabilities of its members when protecting citizens from theft andassaults that sometimes cost lives."

It said preventionefforts are a fundamental practice for police efficiency and surveillance onthe streets is an advocacy component to deter those who want to commit a crime."In those police functions, AMCHAMDR considers it so important to avoid anevent as not to commit injustices against innocent citizens who walk thestreets or gather in places of social and cultural entertainment," the AMCHAMDRsaid.

It adds that whenthere’s no respect for what the law stipulates for policing it can become aproblem for any legal process that follows an arrest.

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