Local November 1, 2016 | 3:30 pm

Dominican VP slams Trump’s ‘vulgarities’

Santo Domingo.- After critiquefor posting s video in the social networks openly calling on her compatriots inthe US to vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Dominican vice presidentMargarita Cedeño doubled down Tuesday stating that she cannot be sit idly by tothe "barbarities" from Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The vice president tweeted thatshe feels obliged to alet the Dominicans living in the US "to the gravedanger threatening them." "I have given strict follow-up to the USelections because their outcome directly affects millions of Dominicans livingin that country."

"I cannot be indifferentto the vulgarities that the Republican candidate has repeated again and again,with direct threats to Latinos within and outside their country, which includesthe 1.8 million Dominicans in the United States," the official said.

"Likewise, his laceratinginsults towards women and towards all social minorities are of exceptionalgravity that require an exceptional response," Cedeño said, adding that "myconscience will not let me be indifferent to what happens in the countryhosting our compatriots. Not doing so would betray my values ??and principles.It is a moral issue."

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