Local November 1, 2016 | 8:20 am

Magnitude 4.5 shakes East region

Santo Domingo.-A magnitude 4.5 has shaken the east region Tuesday, with an epicenter inMonte Plata province…

From the USGeologic Survey: M4.4 – 6km W of Monte Plata, Dominican Republic. Date 2016-11-0111:02:41 UTC 18.809°N, 69.842°W 107.6 km in depth

The SantoDomingo State University UASD Seismology Institute said the quake occurred 7:02amTuesday, 15 kilometers northwest of the town Boyá, in that province.

For its partthe USGS says the tremor was 107.6 kilometers in depth.

There are no reports of damages thus far.

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