Local November 3, 2016 | 10:14 am

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As expected, Gov starts to buckle to the ‘country’s owners’

Santo Domingo.- As expected the governmenthas apparently begun to bow to pressure by the bus and truck owners associationsknown as the "country’s owners" for the often violent strikes withimpunity.

Once the heads of the associations threatenednationwide strikes in transport especially in the capital, Industry and Commence minister Temistocles Montas responded witha "call for calm."

The statement comes two weeks ago after the govenrment eliminated the fuel subsidyfor the transport unions.

"Montas agreed to leave the unions inpeace with their fuel tanks for domestic consumption of diesel , just as all thecountry’s companies have," Fenatrano bus union boss Juan Hubieres said ata meeting Wednesday.

He said the drivers took their proposals tothe meeting, "and to move towards a possible solution to the problem."

In a letter to minority opposition PRSC partypresiden Federico Antun, Hubieres says he’s under the impression that thesituation created could be aimed at diverting the attention from the country’simportant issues.

He cited the private bus company Caribe Toursas an example, affirming that it has thrived "teeth an nail" withlittle or no comprehensive State policy to self-sustain such a vital service.

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