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Dominicans in the US are urged to get out the vote

New York.— On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 200million registered voters will have the opportunity to elect the next presidentof the United States as well as the next congressional and staterepresentatives from their respective communities. The historic 2016 generalelections will bring about the most diverse group of voters in United Stateshistory. Latinos, African Americans, and Asian-descended people comprise nearlyone-third of all eligible voters, according to Pew Research Center. DominicanosUSA (DUSA), a nonprofit organization that advocates for the empowerment of theLatino and Hispanic community, is engaged in mobilizing voters to ensure theyparticipate in these crucial 2016 general elections.

During these pivotal 2016 elections, it ispertinent that all eligible registered voters go out and vote. Since 2013,Dominicanos USA (DUSA) has mounted an aggressive get out the vote (GOTV)campaign to ensure that eligible New Yorkers become active voters. Thus farthis year, the DUSA team has knocked on nearly 75,000 doors, made more than100,000 phone calls, and has sent more than 104,000 mail notifications. Todate, DUSA has registered over 140,000 new voters in New York, New Jersey,Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

Starting Tuesday, November 1, and runningthrough Election Day on Tuesday, November 8, Dominicanos USA is workingvigorously to ensure that eligible voters go out and vote. We employ twostrategies to ensure that eligible voters participate in these historicelections. Our phone banking team—working from DUSA headquarters—is tasked withcalling eligible voters through our state-of-the-art phone system to ensurevoters leave their homes and vote. The canvassing team will employ a more handson approach by knocking on people’s doors to remind citizens to vote.

Like all registered voters,millennials—people born in the 1980s and beyond—have a vested interest inelecting the next leaders within their local communities and at the nationallevel, the next president of the United States. In the next few yearsmillenials will replace current leaders and become society’s next movers andshakers. Millennials comprise nearly half (44%) of the 27.3 million Hispaniceligible voters. Compared to other groups, the Dominican population in the U.S.is among the youngest, but also among the most politically engaged.

“Dominican Americans are very passionateabout politics and at the same time seek out the opportunity to voice theirconcerns and become brokers within their communities. Dominicanos USA providesthe vehicle that allows for this exchange to occur,” said Eddie Cuesta,national director of Dominicanos USA (DUSA).

Dominicanos USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit andnonpartisan organization that empowers Dominican Americans in the United statesthrough DUSA’s commitment to civic, social, and economic integration. AmongDUSA’s goals are to register, educate, and mobilize communities of color to go outand vote.

Dominicanos USA is here to assist anyone inneed of locating or getting to their appropriate polling site. Please call Lucyat 718-530-2258 or visit our website dominicanosusa.org for information onexercising your right to vote.

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