Local November 7, 2016 | 11:14 am

Bus union boss says ‘deceit’ behind jail transfer scandal

Santo Domingo.- Bus union (Fenatrano) boss JuanHubieres on Monday called regretful that Justice minister Jean Rodriguez has resortedto "deceit" to justify the transfer of truckers union (Fenetado) bossBlas Peralta to a minimum security jail.

He said the transfer of Peralta, who facescharges of first degree murder, violates all rules, but stressed that the realreason is being hidden.

"The prosecutor knows the realreasons and under what orders and lobbying he has acted. He knows the reasonsbeing sought at this time, which isn’t concern about Peralta’s health, althoughhe and his relatives naively believe."

Hubieres invited the prosecutor to tellthe truth to the Dominican people, because in his view, an official of his categorycannot lie and prevaricate, and over an event of such importance even less."

Peralta and for others s under a one year of pretrial detention charged with murder in the shooting death of formeruniversity rector Mateo Aquino last 11 March in the National District.

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