Local November 7, 2016 | 9:27 am

Punta Espada Golf Club firmly atop region’s most admired courses

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.- Punta EspadaGolf Club on Friday announced that it remains at the top as the most admiredgolf courses in the Caribbean and Mexico.

"After all of the courses have beenplayed and the votes have been counted Punta Espada Golf Club has been rankedby GolfWeek the #1 golf course in the Caribbean & Mexico for the ninthconsecutive year (2009-2017)," Punta Espada said.

It said Punta Espada’s achievement isnoteworthy at is "facing tremendous competition from some of the best resortcourses in the world, including newcomers in Los Cabos, Jamaica and Bahamas toround up a top class of fine golf courses."

"Special mention must be made to thequality of the golf destination in the Dominican Republic with Teeth of the Doglanding at #4 on the list, Corales firmly positioned at #9 and Playa Grandemaking a big climb to #11 after re-opening this year," the golf club said,adding that "there’s no question that the Dominican Republic and PuntaEspada have positioned themselves as one of the top golf destinations in theworld."



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