Local November 7, 2016 | 8:16 am

Top prosecutor says union boss’ poor health forced prison transfer

Santo Domingo.- Justice minister Jean Alain Rodriguezon Sunday justified the transfer of truckers’ union boss Blas Peralta to the prisonat Haras Nacionales, affirming that it’s temporary and for health reasons.

In a statement, the official said the transferof the accused of killing former Santo Domingo State University rector MateoAquino Febrillet is "to ensure the detainee’s acceptable levels of health"and a "thorough medical examination."

Citing reports, the official said Peralta"presents a worsening of acute diabetes, has lost a considerable amount ofweight, presents unstable blood pressure and has complicated his preexistingcondition of a herniated disc."

He said as soon Peralta’s health improves, hewill be returned to the prison at La Cucama, La Romana.

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