Local November 7, 2016 | 1:00 pm

Venezuelans flock to the Dominican Republic, a few stay

Santo Domingo.- More than 30,000 Venezuelanshave entered and left the country in recent months, Venezuela Embassy chief ofstaff Francisco Javier Centeno revealed Monday.

He said the situation isn’t just caused by hisnation’s crisis, but also from tourism and visits to relatives here. "Theyare people who come with different motivations, some come for travel, others cometo visit relatives, but there’re always some who remain."

Centeno acknowledged however that "thereare forces in our country moving with great intensity looking to derail thisprocess that has so affected all Venezuelans."

He said they assist all Venezuelans living inDominican territory, whether with a legal problem, for commit a crime or are inextreme poverty. "There are people who come in an adventurous processbecause they don’t know what conditions Dominican law requires.

The diplomat, who spoke during a march tosupport Nicolas Maduro’s administration, lauded the Dominican Republic’s supportto his country at a time when it faces serious difficulties.

"Since the revolutionary process inVenezuela became present we’ve been receiving, strong, ongoing support from thesectors and solidarity groups here. We feel grateful because this is a sisternation and has been supporting us, many other sectors have done," saidCenteno.

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