Local November 8, 2016 | 9:53 am

All hands on deck for Clinton: Council member Ydanis Rodriguez

New York, NY — Following reports of high turnout for Latino voters in states with early voting, NYC Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez urged Latinos of all backgrounds to continue this trend on Election Day in support of Hillary Clinton for President.

"The choices we face this election could not be more divergent," said Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez. "Faced with a demagogue who has shown his disdain for those different than himself–including repeated attacks against persons of Latino descent specifically–it is imperative that we wake the sleeping giant of the Latino vote and send a clear message: we believe in and care for this country and we will not allow it to regress to a darker time.

"Hillary Clinton has embraced inclusivity, acknowledged and celebrated the impact of Latinos and Latino culture on American history, and cheers the fact that we are a nation of immigrants, Latino and non-Latino–a fact that makes our nation stronger and unique. As we stand at this troublesome crossroads, it is time for Latinos to make our power felt on the national scale and deliver this country we love from a perilous future. Hillary Clinton is the only choice that can make this happen. Vote."

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