Local November 8, 2016 | 7:54 am

Dominicans Republic Diaspora clearly for Clinton: polls

New York.- Tens of thousands of Dominicans registered to vote are poised to cast their ballot to elect local, state and federal officials Tuesday, as national polls continue to give Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a 4-point edge over Republican rival Donald Trump, 46% to 42%.

In the streets, businesses, shops taxis, offices and homes, the Dominican Diaspora’s topic is invariably how difficult predictions have become given the close race, according to the latest poll of polls released by CNN on Monday.

In New York, a historically Democratic stronghold, two polls cited by diariolibre.com give Clinton a big lead over Trump. The first was by Siena Research Institute shows Hillary at 51-34, dropping three points before the new data on controversial emails was released, which was 54-30 with a 24-point lead.

The same poll shows that Clinton will sweep Trump in the Latino vote with a huge difference and has 86 to 1 among blacks.

Women back Clinton with 57% to Trump’s 29%, while among men, she would beat the Republican 44 to 39.


The Siena poll reveals that Clinton has a 49% acceptance rate to a 47% rejection, while Trump is rejected by 63% of the likely voters and 34% approve of him.

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