Local November 8, 2016 | 8:19 am

Downpours end 3-year drought, displace thousands

Santo Domingo.- The downpours of the last few days have filledthe dams securing supply to aqueducts and irrigation, but have displaced around 6,760 people out of morethan 1,350 homes. The heavy rains are expected to taper off today Tuesday.

The Emergency Operations Center (COE) saidhowever that none of the displaced families were taken to shelters.

It said some 15 communities are cut off aftera bridge collapsed near Puerto Plata, one of the provinces most affected by thedownpours.

The COE said Puerto Plata reports the mostdamage from the rains and according to the Civil Defense, more than 3,300families have been evacuated and some road sections washed out.


Dams and canals agency (INDRHI) director OlgoFernández said the rains have put an end to the nationwide drought that lastedthree years, during which water had to be rationed only for human consumption. "In addition to the end of the drought,the dams are in excellent condition with enough water to supply the populationand ensure irrigation."

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