Local November 8, 2016 | 9:18 am

Espaillat the virtual first Dominican-born US lawmaker

New York.- According to all major polls, NewYork State senator and Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives AdrianoEspaillat, on Tuesday will become the first ever US lawmaker born in the DominicanRepublic.

Espaillat is relying on the voters in theoverwhelmingly democratic electoral bastion to become the first Dominican US Representativein Washington DC, a milestone that will likely open the doors to a wave of futuregenerations of politicians.

According to polls, Espaillat’s victory couldbe as high as 60% of the vote.

A native of Santiago, Dominican Republic’ssecond largest city, Espaillat won his party’s nomination by defeating Keith Wright, an African American whose mentoris Harlem Democratic guru Charles Rangel, who had held the Congressional seat formore than 40 years.

The Dominican-born senator, who arrived in the United States on atourist visa, stayed illegally and has scaled to the highest local legislative postssuch as the State assembly and senate.

After more than four decades of community andpolitical activism the likely Congressman has become the top political figure withinthe Dominican and Hispanic community in Congressional District 13.

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