Local November 10, 2016 | 11:35 am

Murdered girl’s mother says top prosecutor won’t receive her

Santo Domingo.- Diolandita Cabrera, mother ofthe kidnapped and murdered girl Carla Massiel Cabrera, 10, on Thursday denouncedthat Justice minister Jean Alain Rodríguez refused to receive her and demandsthat Liliana Santana be investigated for the her daughter’s death.

"I want her to be investigated and Iwant her jailed, because she’s a murderer," Cabrera said.

Liliana Santana is the daughter of the ownerof the Integral clinic, Hipólito Santana, allegedly included in an investigationin connection ito organ trafficking.

Cabrera, accompanied by her lawyer PlutarcoJáquez, said that he went to The Justice minister’s office to demand thedocuments in Carla’s case but refused to meet with her. "I want him toattend to me and give me all the reports he has to give me, because he haseverything sequestered."

She said she has gone to Rodríguez’s office severaltimes and has yet to be received, adding that he needs to know what reallyhappened to her daughter.

"The accused says everything and thereare many raids that have been done and they have the property fenced in so thatthey cannot find any further evidence and there is more than enough evidence. Iask this gentleman (Rodriguez) to turn over completely this property that theywill find many bones of children. There are many children that they havedestroyed and they have removed the organs," Cabrera said, quoted by elcaribe.com.do.

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