Local November 11, 2016 | 3:32 pm

Dominican Republic shouldn’t fear Trump’s win: big business

Santo Domingo.- National Business Council (Conep)president Rafael Blanco on Friday said if US president-elect Donald Trump keepshis promise to cut tax rates to attract the capital of his corporations that arecurrently outside his country, could attract enormous flows of resources intoits economy.

"Donald Trump isn’t going to do, Ithink, not even 10% of what he promoted," Blanco said.

The business leader said however that theDominican Republic does not have to fear Trump´s victory and considered that companieswill not leave that country for that reason.

Speaking in a tour of the exhibits at the fourthentrepreneurs’ fair being held in Downtown Center in the capital, Blanco saidif Trump carries out the plan to rebuild his country’s ailing infrastructure ata cost has high as US$1.0 trillion, it would benefit the Dominican economy becausethe US is its main trade partner.

"If the US growth rate improves, weautomatically improve for two reasons: because our exports to the United Statesimprove, but mostly because the one and a half million Dominicans living in theUnited States improve and when they improve their family improve."

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