Local November 15, 2016 | 11:02 am

Electoral Board ‘pie’ handout hits gridlock

Santo Domingo.- Dionis Sánchez, head of the commission thatevaluated candidates for the Central Electoral Board (JCE), on Monday said themain opposition party (PRM) doesn’t seek any consensus to choose those newmembers, but to impose itself instead.

He said despite that the PRM has only twosenators in Congress it’s proposing two people for the JCE. "I’m seeingthat regardless of which Central Electoral Board emerges from the Senate, theopposition will protest anyway."

The senator from Pedernales said theopposition party will question everything which they don’t submit, "but theycannot pretend to have everything they want."

"The consensus is to agree, and not wantingto impose a Board on me, because I am the majority," said Senate vice president.

Sánchez cautioned that if not suspended, the electoralboard’s new members must be chosen in Wednesday’s session. "If this doesn’thappen, the Senate’s internal regulations will necessarily have to be modified,but I don’t want to see that moment."

PRM admits submitting names

PRM president Andrés Bautista admitted thathis party submitted to dialogue mediator monsignor Agripino Núñez the names ofpersonalities that meet the profile required to be a JCE member, "a list whichhe would have as reference, not as pieces of a pie."

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